Saturday, March 9, 2013

Emmy is turning 10

Can you believe it? Emmy is turning ten this month! I cant believe I have a child that is in the double digits... This milestone is resulting in an extra-special birthday party! Emmy is having 5 friends spend the night!

She is really starting to show how much she is growing up. She has been very busy this year with school, band, & gymnastics. She has recently informed her dad & I that she wants to try basketball next.

She has made us so proud and displayed what an incredibly sweet and thoughtful person she is. We received a note in the mail from church, thanking her for including a new visitor. Just today, at Olive Garden, she got up from her seat in the lobby, to allow an older gentleman to take her place.

Just wanted to brag a bit on my soon to be 10 year old! Pictures of the party coming soon!