Monday, October 27, 2008

Spaghetti Dinner!!!  Yum Yum...what a mess!!!  Daddy is such a good cook.
Emmy just got her very first school pictures!!  Big Kindergartener and did you know...she earned the very first Student of the Month for the '08 school year!!!  She is doing really well.  Emmy knows all her letters and numbers and is learning her sounds as well!  She is learning her sight words and will be reading before you know it!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Chase's First Birthday Party

Happy Birthday Big Boy!!  We had a great party!  Thank you to everyone who was there to share this exciting event with us!!  He had a great time!  We had cupcakes with blue frosting and football helmets on them!  Emmy helped Mommy make the cupcakes.  Little Chase got all sorts of awesome big boy gifts!!  He is going to have a blast playing with them and look so stylish in all his new clothes!  

Friday, October 24, 2008

Can you believe it??  Chase is ONE year old today!!!!  Happy Birthday Little Man!!!  Tomorrow is his cupcakes, big boy toys, and SHOES!!!  He is walking everywhere but is definitely having a problem with shoes.  He likes to grip with his toes so he will not walk in his shoes yet.  If he has them on he takes a step or two and trips.  Wish us luck with that!!  All family is welcome to share in this celebration!!  One year old...time sure flies!!!!!  (We will post pictures from the party tomorrow)
So, Emmy has been playing soccer.  Something she was DYING to do!  They practice every Wednesday night and have a game every Saturday.  She was so excited...until she started playing.  Turns out she really doesn't like soccer.  She doesn't like the heat, running, or having to tuck in her shirt which is way too big for her.  She stops in the middle of games because she is tired and needs a drink...she really just likes to socialize.  So we think this will be not only her first, but last season as a soccer player.  She sure does look cute though!!!!!!