Wednesday, February 22, 2012

iPad blogging

Hopefully now that I have my long-awaited iPad, maybe this will help me keep up with our blog! Sorry to those of you who actually look at it, which may be scarce to none, I will do better!!

So recent/upcoming news, I go back to work on Monday....wah wah wah....Chase is in Preschool, and the twins are at a babysitter Mon-Fri, and have been adjusting pretty well. Emmy recently tested for the gifted program, and as soon as we get the test results, I'll let you know! Everyone is happy and for the most part healthy, aside from a few runny noses and fevers here & there, but to be expected with everybody now around other children. Kade & Kash are both learning lots in their own ways and even trying to sound out a few words outside of Mommy & Daddy. They both have big personalities, both VERY different from each other.

Right at the same time that I decide to go back to work, my photography has started picking up a little. Hoping to keep that momentum going even with a full-time job outside the house. Big Chase, still working at USAA and doing well, we are hoping there will be an opportunity for him, to get a different schedule soon that will allow him more free time with all of us.

Just a little update for everyone, if anyone, and I will continue to keep posting, really...

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