Saturday, December 20, 2008

Emmy Gale

Handsome Little Man

Chase Jr.

Jr Beer Drinker???

We just celebrated Mimi's birthday, Happy Birthday Mimi!!!! We had lots of friends and family over and had a really great time!!! We also had the ever famous...BEER!!! Apparently little Chase felt left out with his drink of choice so he decided to help himself!!!!...They were empty of course

Emmy just had her Christmas program. All the kids were so cute! Emmy was very entertaining...she even took her shoes off at one point...she doesn't like to just stand still. The program went very well!!!

Emmy's Thanksgiving Program

Emmy had her Thanksgiving program and she was a 'First American Lady'. She did very good!! She loves performing!!!

She made her own costume too!!! It was a very cute program!!!

Christmas Time

We just got new family pictures done and the kids were great!! Hope everyone is doing well this holiday.