Monday, December 13, 2010

Festival of Cheer

We went to the Festival of Cheer on Saturday at the Peoria Sports Complex. We had a lot of fun!! My mom and step-dad went with me and the kids. Poor Chase couldn't go because he had to sleep for work..he pretty much works every day. We got to several really cool performances like Irish dancing and some cool Karate moves!!!  They also had some real snow for the kids to play in! Little Chase wasn't so sure at first since he had never seen snow before, but got into it after he saw his big sister throwing snowballs! There was a little girl who kept nailing poor Emmy in the face, but when she looked like she was gonna go for Chase, Emmy stepped in..."Do not throw that at my little brother." I loved it!!!! If anybody is gonna pick on him, it isn't going to be anyone but her!! Lol!

They had Santa, who Chase was not afraid of for the first year! He was the only one who got his picture taken with him because the twins fell asleep and Emmy wanted to get her face painted instead...which she didn't get because the line was too long!!
They had lots of bouncy houses too! Chase LOVES bouncy houses!!! Some were obstacle courses, some were big slides, and some were just big bouncy fun houses!!

 They had cookie decorating too!! Emmy had a blast, but Little Chase didn't want anything to do with the icing...he just wanted his plain!!