Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Father's Day is just around the corner and so while Daddy was in Las Vegas for a couple days, we decided it was a perfect time to make his gifts!!!
We made a trip to Michael's this morning to gather our supplies... Each of them got 2 ceramic figurines (Chase got a rocket & school bus, Emmy got a lion & an apple) a box (to place the figurines in) & a small canvas. They also each got their very own set of paintbrushes.
Chase had an itch on his face and wiped his cheek with his hand...black paint all over his face! Then of course he wanted to take a bath because he just can't stand to be messy!!

Chase just wanted to use the same brush in all the colors without rinsing...so I had to have about 3 out and take and rinse so he could switch...then I couldn't get him to keep his brush OUT of the water!!
The finished products were beautiful, and the kids can't wait til Sunday to give them to Daddy!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Abby's Birthday

Today we went to Mimi's house for Abby's 21st birthday party! We had hot dogs & hamburgers & had a lot of fun!

Emmy made a song for Abby and played it on her recorder.
We got to hang out with Mimi and Tata...
Emmy even made a new outfit from all of the tissue paper after Abby unwrapped her gifts!! I love how creative they are :)

Friday, June 11, 2010


Chase loves to wear everybody else's shoes.  Yesterday, he put his shoes inside his daddy's shoes...along with a couple ice cubes!!  Today, both kids decided to try on Daddy's work boots...so cute.


Today we went to see Shrek: The Final Chapter. It was Chase's first movie theater movie! He seemed to enjoy it, especially in the beginning...but the movie wasn't as good as expected so he did get a little restless towards the end.
Next week Toy Story 3 comes out...it is Chase's FAVORITE! We are going to try and go see it.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Girl's Day

Today was a girl's day with Emmy, Mimi, Gigi, & myself. We watched movies, painted nails, ate junk food, and just hung out.  We had a great time, and considering there are about to be 2 more boys in the family, it was nice to spend time with just the girls.

McDonald's Play

Daddy took Emmy to the Diamondbacks game with Grandpa Roy and Uncle Hunter.  Little Chase and Mommy got to spend some time together on our own which was nice, and since I have been so pregnant and it is SO hot outside, the poor kids really haven't been getting out of the house very much...so Chase & I went to the McDonald's playground and Chase had a blast!!!  Daddy and Emmy had a great time on their night too!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Goofy Kids

The kids love to be goofy...especially Emmy when posing for pictures...and whatever big sister does, little brother is sure to immitate.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Just keep getting BIGGER!!

Ok...yes I understand there are two...but I don't know how much bigger I can get!  Not working anymore right now because it is too hard on me. We think it may be in part to the fact that I have had a broken pelvis in the past. But we can't wait for Kade & Kash to get here! Only 12 weeks (hopefully) to go! Still so much to do, we are trying to get into a house but that has proved to be much more difficult than we hoped.

CCV Inflate 2010

Our church had a day called INFLATE where they brought out a bunch of inflatables for the kids to play on. The kids had a blast! We went last year and Chase wouldn't get on any of the inflatables...we got him halfway on one and he just laid there. This time he was all about it. Emmy was a great big sister and went on all the inflatables that her brother wanted to and helped on the obstacle course that was a little hard for him. It was a great day!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

So...it's been a while

Well, I know it has been a while since we blogged. We have been using our website, www.SappFamilySite.com, but I have been a bit behind there as well. Since we are expecting the twins...no longer than 12 weeks from now...I will be trying my very hardest to keep this updated at LEAST weekly. Thanks for checkin' in!!